Great feedback following our San Diego Workshop

The six session CIC workshop for the San Diego Pain Summit was a tremendous success. Fourteen people attended from around North America and Europe. Professions included physiotherapy, general practice, psychiatry, osteopathy and massage therapy. It was wonderful to have input from six CIC facilitators at different sessions, and to welcome each of our seven current trainees to join for a time as observers. The organisation by Rajam Roose was impeccable, and feedback from participants was really gratifying. Here are a selection of quotes from the post-course evaluation:

I have learned about listening with curiosity, about styles of questions which encourage the narrative, about needing to resist focusing on solutions and about finding the movement in stories. 

Great to see the model working in action – without practicing it, I’m not sure I would have understood it to the degree that I think I do. Not being wedded to the hypothesis. Listening and letting the conversation go where it goes. Letting go of the need to fix or solve things (learning to feel more comfortable with ambiguity).

I’ve learned some hints and tips about how to approach those potentially difficult interactions.

Something changed radically over the last week or two since starting this course…
I suddenly realized that my practice had got so prescriptive and limited – I know this is not unusual given the extraordinary circumstances ( ie pandemic) but even so I realized that something vital and intrinsic to me had been lost – ie a sense of perspective, an awareness of the bigger picture and my sense of curiosity.

Doing the course has reawakened my sense of curiosity and creativity and meeting and learning from some of the extraordinary participants on the course and of course John and the tutors has completely opened my eyes and reinvigorated me!

Actually getting to practice the principles was really useful so I have a clearer idea of how I’d start to use the skills in real life rather than just the theory.

I feel as though I have permission to be more myself, and to trust the patient to find a lot of the answers for us.

I will apply it every day both in my interactions with patients and my trainees… by bringing awareness and attention to my everyday encounters with patients and staff / colleagues alike… and to practice self care as I have realized that this practice requires close attention, active listening and compassion  – these skills can be lost when tired / stressed or overwrought.

I will bring the spirit of open questions to all of my consultations. Will definitely use with patients where there is diagnostic uncertainty and/or a more longitudinal relationship involved.

Many thanks to all involved. A really excellent and inspiring workshop with a really open interesting group.

Many many thanks and stay safe and well. Please keep me on the list and let me know if there are other interesting courses coming up!! 

I really enjoyed the course, really enjoyed the opportunity to join from overseas and really enjoyed meeting people from diverse clinical backgrounds.