During the COVID-19 pandemic we are providing online workshops and courses for the NHS and other organisations in the UK and US. There are places available on some of these for external applicants. For details, see below or email anph.enquiries@gmail.com

STOP PRESS: We are delighted to announce two forthcoming remote trainings.

In November-December 2020 we are running a six-afternoon workshop in collaboration with the Physiotherapy Pain Association, open to all health professionals. It will offer a general introduction to narrative-based practice together with a focus on pain and unexplained symptoms. Details and booking here.

Enrolment has also now opened for an online CIC workshop in January 2021 for the San Diego Pain Summit. It will take place over six 2-hour sessions from 11-20 January and will be timed so that participants from the UK and Europe as well as across the US may join. While aimed mainly at physical therapists with a special interest in pain and unexplained symptoms, it will be open to all healthcare professionals and suitable as an introduction to narrative-based ideas and skills. For further details and and to complete an application form please click here.

Our trainings are based on intensive coaching in interactional skills.

Our trainings are provided by accredited trainers of CIC who are members of the Association of Narrative Practice in Healthcare. We use large and small group teaching. We pay particular attention to conversational microskills, including attentiveness to language and body language, and carefully focussed questioning.

An independent evaluation of our work by a team from Cardiff University highlighted the theoretical and practical coherence of our approach in supervision and training, and the opportunities it provides for significant changes in people’s understanding and practice.

What course participants have said:

“I can bring about change without being bogged down.”

“Curiosity has liberated me from the role of Dr Fixit.”

“I have managed to listen to my consultations again and feel I can ask different questions.”

“My thinking has changed radically! Created a sense of options being available when a personal system is stuck.”

“I am thinking about my thinking processes.”

“Facilitation was fantastic – very caring and respectful.”

“It was fantastic to discover how these ideas are useful in a variety of NHS contexts.”

“Complexity and subtlety of interactions was eye-opening.”

“Incredibly moved at how many people found the ideas helpful and transformative.”

“I liked the pace. There was energy but also space for reflection.”

“Loved the diversity and wisdom of the facilitators.”

“The day has given me the confidence to initiate difficult conversations with colleagues and a structured technique to do so.”

“Incredibly thought provoking, very applicable to practice.”

“Can’t believe it isn’t a mandatory part of our training!”

To organise workshops and courses, please email anph.enquiries@gmail.com