CIC seminar at Institute for Medical Humanities, Durham

Last month John Launer visited the Institute for Medical Humanities (IMH) at Durham University to run a seminar on “Conversations Inviting Change. As well as outlining the history and development of CIC as a form of narrative practice, John explained how the approach is used in health care consultations with patients and in supervision for colleagues, with video clips demonstrating both. To watch a recording of the seminar, click here. (1 hour)

In addition, John’s visit included a CIC workshop at the Recoco Recovery College Collective in Newcastle, attended by staff there, along with local primary care professionals and members of the Narrative Practices Lab at the IMH. There was also a round table online discussion between the IMH, and the co-chairs of the Association of Narrative Practice in Health Care (ANPH), Diana Kelly and Geoff Wykurz to look at collaboration in narrative practice and research. Akira Naito joined us, bringing his own his expertise in research and experience from our work in Japan. We’re really looking forward to further developments during 2024 and beyond.